Battery Operated Barricade Light


Price is for a Master Case of 10 Lights.  $17.00 per light.  $170 per case.
Buy a pallet, we’ll work out a better price. 300 Lights.  $13.75 per light, $4125 per pallet.
Give us a call. 

Our Barricade Lights provide unsurpassed performance by utilizing the power of D Batteries and LED lighting at your road side project.  Designed for long battery life.  Alkaline “D” batteries availiable for $2.50 per four pack.  Can be installed for an additional $3.00 per light fee, batteries included.

Our lights are durable and their extended service life will increase safety for both
workers and drivers. Each Solar Barricade Light uses Super Bright LED’s that can be
seen at distances up to 1,800 feet and has an Automatic Activation Feature that turns your light ON and OFF based on lighting conditions.

High Visibility Super Bright LED’s
Automatic On/Off Feature
Lights Are M.U.T.C.D. 6E-5 and ITE Compliant

New stock merchandise in original packaging.

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